Mastering conversions and Engagement in the Art World


Facing low B2C sales, stagnant ROAS, and poor website performance, Artociti, an early-stage startup specializing in arts, crafts, and home decor, embarked on a digital marketing overhaul. Through strategic social media marketing, performance marketing, and website optimization, Artociti achieved remarkable growth and engagement.


Social media followers increased by 2x on Instagram and Facebook, with Pinterest reach up by 150%.


Sales surged by 125% over six months, with a consistent Google Ads ROAS of 7 and a Facebook Ads ROAS peaking at 19.


Website bounce rate reduced by 35%, load time decreased by 40%, contributing to a 30% overall conversion rate increase.

Unleashing Creativity with Strategic Digital Marketing

Artociti emerged with a vision to enrich lives through arts, crafts, and home decor. Despite their aesthetic appeal, the startup faced significant challenges in reaching and engaging consumers online.

The Goal

Navigating Digital Challenges to Spark Growth

The objectives were clear - boost B2C sales, achieve a higher ROAS in advertising campaigns, and enhance website performance to provide a seamless user experience.

THE Solution

A Tri-Fold Approach to Digital Excellence

Artociti’s strategy encompassed three core areas:

  • Social Media Marketing: A vibrant mix of product features, behind-the-scenes content, and user engagement initiatives on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, aimed at building a robust online community.
  • Performance Marketing: Targeted ad campaigns on Google and Facebook designed to maximize global reach and visibility, with a keen focus on optimizing for high-performing keywords and audiences.
  • Website Optimization: Critical improvements in website loading times, navigation, and user interface to ensure a frictionless browsing and shopping experience for visitors.

THE Results

A Flourishing Digital Presence

Artociti’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy delivered impressive outcomes:

  1. Social Media Growth: Achieved a dramatic increase in follower count across platforms, with Instagram and Facebook doubling their audiences and Pinterest reaching unprecedented levels of engagement.
  2. Performance Marketing Success: Notable achievements included a consistent ROAS of 7 on Google Ads, with Facebook Ads reaching a ROAS of 12 in three months, eventually soaring to 19 in five months. This focus led to a 125% increase in sales and a significant reduction in acquisition costs.
  3. Website Optimization Impact: The website saw a 40% decrease in load time and a 35% reduction in bounce rate. These enhancements contributed to a 50% increase in average session duration and a 30% boost in conversion rates, underlining the value of a smooth digital experience.

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