Reviving Organic Reach: A Seamless Fusion of SEO and CRO Strategies


DaMENSCH, a leading men’s fashion brand, achieved a transformative boost in both search engine visibility and conversion rates through an integrated approach combining SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).


Increase in organic search traffic within six months.


Improvement in page loading speed.


Increase in conversion rates from SEO traffic.

Fashion Forward with a Digital Edge

DaMENSCH, rooted in Bangalore, India, has carved a niche in men’s fashion with its quality wear. Despite its growing brand recognition, the company faced hurdles with stagnant SEO traffic and suboptimal conversion rates, limiting its online growth potential.

The Goal

Amplifying Online Presence and Efficiency

The dual objective was to augment DaMENSCH's organic search presence to attract more visitors and to refine the website’s user experience to convert more of those visitors into customers.

THE Solution

Strategic Overhaul in SEO and CRO

The comprehensive strategy aimed at revamping DaMENSCH's online footprint involved a two-pronged approach focusing on SEO for visibility and CRO for conversion efficacy.

  • SEO Enhancements: A thorough audit laid the groundwork for improvements in metadata, image optimization, mobile responsiveness, and keyword integration. Simplifying URL structures and acquiring quality backlinks were key off-page tactics.
  • CRO Innovations: Alongside SEO, significant emphasis was placed on optimizing the conversion pathway. This included A/B testing Meta titles and descriptions, streamlining the checkout process, improving call-to-action (CTA) visibility and messaging, and enhancing overall site usability to reduce bounce rates.

THE Results

Organic Growth Unleashed

DaMENSCH’s integrated approach to SEO and CRO yielded remarkable outcomes:

  1. A 40% surge in organic search traffic highlighted the effectiveness of the SEO strategy in increasing online visibility.
  2. A 30% reduction in page load time contributed significantly to user experience, positively impacting both SEO rankings and user engagement.
  3. Most notably, a 25% uplift in conversion rates from SEO traffic underscored the success of aligning CRO with SEO efforts, proving that optimizing for both search engines and user experience can drive substantial business growth.

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