Fluorescent Studios

Crafting Success: Fluorescent Studios' Digital Marketing Transformation


Fluorescent Studios, a Pune-based startup specializing in personalized gift hampers, overcame market challenges and enhanced B2C sales through strategic digital marketing initiatives.


Increase in social media followers across platforms within 3 months.


Rise in organic social media engagement with 75% sales uplift during the Rakhi campaign period.


Reduction in website bounce rate post-optimization.

Innovative Gifting Solutions Online

Fluorescent Studios emerged in Pune's crowded gifting market with a fresh approach to personalized and ready-made gift hampers. Despite their unique offerings, early-stage struggles such as low B2C sales and poor website performance hindered growth.

The Goal

Navigating Market Saturation with Digital Excellence

The aim was to carve out a market niche for Fluorescent Studios by enhancing their digital presence, boosting B2C sales, tapping into the B2B sector, and improving website usability.

THE Solution

A Quadruple Digital Strategy

Fluorescent Studios embarked on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy:

  1. Organic Social Media Strategy: Leveraged Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to showcase their unique offerings through engaging content, resulting in increased followers, engagement, and website referrals.
  2. Customized LinkedIn Content: Targeted content aimed at the corporate gifting sector led to an increase in inquiries and significant B2B sales growth.
  3. Performance Marketing: A focused Rakhi campaign using paid ads substantially increased sales, ad click-through rates, and achieved a remarkable ROAS.
  4. Website Optimization & Design Revamp: Improved loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and a visually appealing design overhaul reduced bounce rates and enhanced user experience.

THE Results

Digital Brilliance Ignites Growth

Through targeted digital marketing strategies, Fluorescent Studios significantly improved its market position:

  1. A substantial 50% follower increase on social media platforms solidified its online presence.
  2. Engagement rates soared by 80%, demonstrating content resonance with the audience.
  3. The Rakhi campaign's success was highlighted by a 75% sales increase, showcasing the effectiveness of focused performance marketing.
  4. Website enhancements resulted in a 30% decrease in bounce rates, improving overall site performance and user satisfaction.

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