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Growing your business online can feel like an uphill battle

Growing founders often face hurdles in balancing creativity with data-driven decisions and keeping pace with technological advancements.

A good founder is master of his product/ service. They might not necessarily have the right skillsets when it comes to marketing.

  • Not all brands have an in-house CMO and a marketing team with all necessary skillsets.

  • Finding and managing multiple agencies for tech & marketing is a painful process.

  • Agencies are driving the growth by showing vanity metrics and the founders most likely fall for it.

I work with brands like yourself as Fractional CMO to drive Growth

A Fractional CMO or Growth Consultant offers a cost-effective solution to agency and marketing decision-making challenges. Imagine having the expertise of a Chief Marketing Officer at a fraction of the cost, without any long-term commitments!

Digital Growth Strategies

Innovative digital growth strategies tailored to your brand’s specific needs and objectives to maximize online impact.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Effectively using data-driven insights to make informed decisions that optimize marketing performance, brand value and drive growth.

Extensive Experience

 Leveraging years of industry expertise and a successful track record to achieve substantial growth milestones in proposed timelines.


Result Driven Approach

Focusing on measurable outcomes to ensure marketing efforts translate into tangible results with goal based strategies and optimizations.

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Hello, I am Vikas

I am a Growth Marketer with 8+ years of experience in developing creative marketing strategies that drive growth and increase revenue.
My expertise lies in steering Founders with Startup Consultations, SEO, PPC, Email + Whatsapp Marketing, Workflow automations, Analytics and so on.

Being an Expert Growth Consultant, I pride myself on my ability to upskill, think creatively and find unique digital marketing solutions to complex marketing challenges.

As a Fractional CMO leading the founder’s marketing team, my primary goal is to meticulously review and refine our marketing processes while maintaining a clear focus. In my role as a vCMO, I am committed to optimising and overseeing campaign strategies, developing a strategic vision, offering expert guidance, and making informed decisions based on data analysis and foresight.

Explore Growth Marketing Services​

Fully managed result driven services to help your business grow. 

Growth Consultation and Solution Design

Personalised consultations to start, grow and scale your business through done for you 360 degree growth marketing strategies.

No code Web Development + Landing Pages

Responsive and modern Websites and landing pages that are blazing fast, optimised for SEO and conversion focused.

Workflow Automations using No code tools

Empower your business by automating repetitive tasks and streamline operations with smart No code automations that helps you boost your productivity and focus on growth.

Performance Marketing, Analytics & CRO

Get data-driven insights and strategies to boost your digital marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, enhance user experience and drive conversions to maximise ROI.

Whatsapp Marketing & Email Automations

Maximise open rates, clicks and get your users to know about your offerings with highly personalised campaign strategies for Whatsapp and Email Marketing.

The Growth Perspective

Every business needs effective marketing leadership. Companies often face the decision between hiring a fractional CMO vs full-time CMO. This

What is a Fractional CMO   Table Of Contents Introduction Roles and Responsibilities Differences Between Fractional CMO and Full-Time CMO

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Frequently asked questions

I understand that choosing the right Growth Consultant is a crucial decision for your business. To help you make an informed choice, I have compiled a list of common questions asked.

What is a Fractional CMO, and how can it benefit my business?

As a Fractional CMO, I provide part-time Chief Marketing Officer services to businesses that need expert marketing leadership without the full-time commitment. This role involves optimizing and overseeing campaign strategies, developing a strategic vision, and making informed decisions based on data analysis.

What is a Growth Consultation, and how can it help my business?

A Growth Consultation involves personalized sessions where I understand your business needs and challenges. I provide tailored 360-degree growth marketing strategies to help you start, grow, and scale your business effectively.

How do you approach your role as a Fractional CMO?

In my role as a Fractional CMO, I meticulously review and refine marketing processes while maintaining a clear focus. I develop strategies, offer expert guidance, and ensure that all decisions are data-driven to maximize ROI and achieve defined objectives.

Can you work with existing marketing teams as a Fractional CMO?

Yes, I can seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing team to provide leadership and strategic direction. My goal is to enhance their efforts, provide new insights, and drive growth through collaborative efforts.

What types of businesses can benefit from your services as a Fractional CMO?

Businesses of all sizes across various industries can benefit from my services. Whether you are a startup needing strategic guidance or an established company looking to optimize your marketing efforts, I can provide the expertise required to drive growth.

How can Workflow Automations improve my business operations?

Workflow Automations using No Code tools can help automate repetitive tasks and streamline operations, boosting your productivity and allowing you to focus more on growth.

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