Shipping Policy


Shipping Methods:
Growthguy offers digital services and does not involve physical shipping of products. Therefore, there are no shipping methods applicable to our services.

Delivery Timeframe:
As a digital services company, Growthguy does not have specific delivery timeframes for physical products.
The delivery of our digital services will be communicated and agreed upon between Growthguy and the client during the project planning phase.

Communication and Updates:
Growthguy will maintain regular communication with the client to provide updates on the progress of the project or any changes that may affect the delivery timeline.
Clients can expect timely responses to their inquiries and requests for information throughout the duration of the project.

Delivery Responsibility:
Growthguy is responsible for delivering the agreed-upon digital services to the client.
It is the client’s responsibility to provide all necessary information, materials, and cooperation required for the successful completion of the project within the agreed timeframe.

Non-Delivery or Delayed Delivery:

In the rare event of non-delivery or delayed delivery of digital services, Growthguy will make every effort to rectify the situation promptly.
If the non-delivery or delay is due to factors beyond Growthguy’ control (e.g., technical issues, force majeure), the company will communicate with the client to find a suitable solution.

Cancellation or Modification of Services:
If the client wishes to cancel or modify the services after they have been initiated, they must adhere to the cancellation policy mentioned in the Refunds & Cancellation Policy section.
Any modifications requested by the client may impact the delivery timeline, and Growthguy will communicate any changes accordingly.
Please note that this Shipping Policy reflects the nature of Growthguy’ digital services and clarifies the delivery process and responsibilities.